Thursday, 30 April 2009

Stopping for a moment

at Wisley

Yesterday, Sigmund and I sat by this pond for all of twenty minutes, maybe. Who knows, because neither of us thought to consult a watch. We talked, in a fairly loose way, about vague plans for the future. Moving to Oxford or London. Retiring to somewhere warm -- Madeira, perhaps.

Mostly, we just watched the ducks. What a mind-lulling thing it is to sit on a bench and gaze out on the water and admire the glint of sun on the silky emerald-jet of a duck's sleek head.

Today, we sifted through papers and pensions and met with a financial counselor. Tomorrow, we will work through our wills. Both projects have been on the long-term TO DO list for ages now, years even.

Perhaps we can make time for the future because our life is relatively stable -- for once. Although I shouldn't tempt fate by suggesting such a thing!


♥ Braja said...

What a lovely, mellow day, Bee :) And comforting as well, to deal with those things that we don't normally need to tend to...

willow said...

Love the photos of blue bonnets/bells on your sidebar, Bee!

I've got "revise will" on my to do list, as well.

bonbon said...

How perfectly peaceful to sit and ponder the future with Spring in the air. Must say I am loathe to admit Autumn is on the prowl here. All I can hear in my head is that cheesy tune "We're all going on a Summer Holiday...."
Your are becoming quite a lady of the lense. Great photos.

Reya Mellicker said...

What a beautiful picture. Those aren't ducks are they? They look like black geese or maybe swans?

What a lovely scene, imagining the two of you sitting there, thinking about your "golden" years.


Margaret Gosden said...

They look a bit like herons, but black. Some symbolism going on here one wonders.... I have never been to Wisley. Would like to have seen more of it!

Meri Arnett-Kremian said...

Express gratitude daily for your good fortune, lest the gods think you want things stirred up!

Bee said...

Braja - It really was mellow . . . and believe me, that is a "speed" that my husband doesn't know much about.

Willow - Except for being blue, they aren't very similar, are they? I wonder why the blue and purple flowers like the early bit of spring? (I'm thinking of the gorgeous lilac and wisteria, too . . . and Reya's purple iris!)

Bonbon - You, of all people, know how rare it is for us to contemplate our future. Can't wait for July biking . . . I'm planning on having a maiden voyage next week.

Reya - I have no idea what the bigger "birds" are . . . they are actually metal sculptures. Of course, the little ones are real ducks.

Margaret - You are right: a bit of symbolism. (our family of four) I hope you can get to Wisley someday.

Meri - I think that I should write that thought down and put it somewhere where I can see it everyday! (Also practice it, of course.)

Butler and Bagman said...

I enjoy seeing the ducks that have come to look at the bird sculpture. I also just noticed the picture of your work space...what an inspirational place to create!

Elizabeth said...

Wisley, yeah!
So many happy hours spent wandering there -pretty near my brother's house.
Wills........time to ponder indeed.
Loved the bluebells and barn in spring photographs - I bet you are savouring being peaceful at home and having time to relax... maybe.
Oxford, London!
For some reason English cities have become more livable lately. Maybe the efforts to become green.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Anne said...

I enjoy those "vague plans for the future" talks. Often they're just speculation, but I enjoy thinking about how life could unfold and the possibilities (geographical and otherwise) that exist.

Sorting through wills is, I'm told, an uncomfortable fact of adulthood; but I can't say that I'm all that uncomfortable about it. Not sure why that is.

Either way, I think that sitting by a pond and watching ducks--a pastime that I associate most closely with being a young child, though it's something I've enjoyed as an adult as well--is a fine way to kick off the very adult tasks of pensions and wills.

Beth said...

What a lovely place to take some time to sit together while contemplating the future.
Enjoy the stable while you can!

Dick said...

I've just struggled back from overheated, over-peopled London. If you've got to move, Bee, make it Oxford!

Lucy said...

Odd to think of retiring from the country to the town, most people dream of doing it the other way!

Such a fragile thing, daring to hope and to plan. I can almost feel the sigh of tentative reliefin your words and photo. May it work out well for you...

(I'm just posting some pictures of those orchids now.)

Bee said...

Butler and Bagman - Yes, I love my little study. It used to be the junk room, and one day I had the idea to make it my own.

Elizabeth - I've spent a blissful day out in the garden. My gardening enthusiasm always comes back to me in May! Crossed fingers for a sunny Bank Holiday.

Anne - Sigmund is not much for dreaming about the future -- or, indeed discussing it at all -- so I really treasured those 20 minutes. I agree with you; I like to contemplate it in all of its possibilities.

The will session went pretty smoothly, but it can be really difficult deciding about guardians for the children and that sort of thing.

Beth - Never mind the "stable" bit, I'm just enjoying the warm weather while I can.

Dick - I think you are right. I long for the city, but Oxford has some city pleasures while still being really close to beautiful countryside.

Lucy - Yes, I know we are migrating in an opposite direction from most of the middle-aged birds, but S and I love all of the culture/stimulation offered by the city. I would miss my garden and the quiet, though.

apprentice said...

Mmm Maderia would do me, somewhere on the North side, near the whaling pools, that are now swimming holes, with the whole Atlantic pounding at the gate and heather barriers protecting the fields from the salt.

Like Harris with warmer water!

Fantastic Forrest said...

Love that pond with its marvelous sculptures! So glad you had the chance to enjoy that sight and sun and talk. And good for you on doing the financial stuff. We need to follow your fine example.

My mother always says that being prepared means that you won't need something - she's usually talking about making sure you have an umbrella so that it won't rain, but I'll say it applies to wills as well.

Don't worry about tempting fate. Getting your ducks in a row (pun intended) is a smart move.

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Dearest Bee, I was just commenting to Mr. DJ that we've not had a "future" discussion in so long! I suggested it was because we were in a good place in our lives right now. He counter that perhaps it is because we are distracted. Men!

Beautiful photo, beautiful garden!


JaneyV said...

Oh Wisely - it's on my list of to-do-places. It's somewhere that Hubby and I would love sans kiddies. Those quiet moments of voicing wishes are so important. I suppose it's good that it's spurred you on to make your will. That is also on the to-do list. I don't believe that fate can be tempted. It's always seemed to single-minded for that. I haven't done mine yet because I just can't decide what to do.

I am a slave to indecision.

Gifted Typist said...

Ah stability, I used to know her but for some reason she's dumped me. I hope she sticks around with you for awhile

Shauna said...

Gorgeous flowers, aren't they?

Dave King said...

Wisley is probably our favourite spot on the local scene. It is never the same twice. There is always something to see that you have not seen before.

Stacy Nyikos said...

And it wasn't even raining :-)

We're tackling the to-do list at our house this week too. My husband's on vacation, which means all the projects that have been waiting, idling, for months are now are over ripe. I hope we get through some of them!

A Modern Mother said...

I relaxed just reading this. Can I go to that place too? Right now? Directions please.

Lisa said...

I love that photo and the idea of checking things off of long held to do lists is incredibly appealing.

linda said...

what a lovely day and such beautiful birds...i am thinking they are black swans but could be mistaken???

i have been meaning to pop over and say hello and leave this comment but you beat me to it on my blog... i think we much have something in common but these birds are definitely prettier than mine...

they are everywhere, by the way, in my area, which is very rural and protected...hmmmm... ;)

Barrie said...

We redid our will (actually, a living trust, which is much more common here in California) a few years ago. It had also been on the to-do list for a while! I found it difficult to do (lots of tears), but feel like a huge load is off my shoulders now.

Bee said...

Apprentice - Your description of Madeira makes it sound wonderful. We've never actually been there -- just a bit of dreaming.

FF - Getting my ducks in a row! LOVE your cleverness.

JAPRA - We think that we're in the same conversation, yet rarely does that prove to be the case. ;)

Janey - Believe me, I know what you mean. We've been talking about the future for years -- with little agreement on the subject (either individually or collectively).

Gifted Typist - Well, stability has rarely been my friend either!

Shauna - The flowers are amazing right now! I'm in a garden (mine or someone else's) every chance I get.

Dave King - I love that changeability. Even my own small garden is always yielding up surprises.

Stacy - It is a shame that vacation must make way for the not-fun chores of life.

A Modern Mother - Find your nearest garden and go sit in it!

Lisa - You are so right; I hate that mental to-do list that nags at me.

Linda - We live so far from each other, but I so enjoy seeing the correspondences in what we enjoy every day.

Barrie - Living trusts make sense. With children, you feel that you have to revise your will nearly every year.