Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Another long winter's nap

Minstrel and little daughter: Waiting for Santa to come?

I went downstairs to make sure that the children had gone to bed, and this sweet scene had me running for my camera. That Minstrel: What an opportunist. Create a cozy nest and he will be there.

Tomorrow is little daughter's first day of Christmas vacation. Remember how wonderful that felt? Unlike me and big daughter, little is looking forward to a lie-in . . .


Alyson (New England Living) said...

So adorable and Christmas-y! I love to hear that this scene had you running for you camera. You are officially converted, my friend!

Brave Sir Robin said...

Oh Bee!

That is so sweet!

That camera is going to be your best friend.

That is a picture you will treasure for years and years and years.

Darling shot!

Bee said...

Alyson - Yes, I think that I am. This sort of thing is really precious to me because I know my daughter (who is 11 next month) is on the verge of losing all of her baby sweetness.

BSR - What you couldn't see was the food tray (popcorn and a mug of broth) and book just to the side of her. She made her cozy nest . . . and then she fell asleep!

Blue Blaze Irregular #1 said...

So cute. Children and pets just don't know how adorable they are. Now that I think about it, that's a really wonderful thing. Love the photo!

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

I shall show this to Roxi. I know she will love it!

Pete said...

Very cozy, and Minstrel's definitely in prime position in case Santa happens to leave a few tasty morsels lying under the tree. Lovely photo.

JaneyV said...

So sweet Bee! And comfy too - your daughter really knows how to build a good nest.

My daughter (11) is the same and anything comfy made by her is occupied by Small Son and the DOg within minutes.

I love the cozy gene. I'm glad i passed it on.

Xav. said...

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Would you exchange a link with my site?

Ciao ciao from Italy

Bee said...

Blue Blaze - Yes, consciousness of cuteness is the ruination of an otherwise adorable small person. (I don't think animals play up their cuteness in a manipulative way, but maybe?) Sadly, when I took the picture it woke Minstrel from his cat nap and he started licking his nether regions.

JAPRA - Little buddy! C is such a nest-builder.

Pete - Like I said, he's an opportunist. Eyes on the prize!

JaneyV - We are all about the cozy gene! (I sensed this in you from the beginning; probably because of your frequent mentions of cuppas. :)
The cozy gene: Now that's another good site name.

Hi Xav - I will check you out. Ciao!

k said...

so sweet! i'm re-in love with my cat lately after she was sick last week. she's fine now, and since her illness her personality has changed. she's much more of a lap cat lately. i love it.

i'm intrigued by the candy exchange. where can i get info?

Lucy said...

So cosy! And how wonderful to have the first day of the holidays tomorrow. 11 is a lovely kind of last-shout age isn't it?

Looking forward to more pictures, and I did enjoy your deconstruction of gingerbread men!

emily.browning said...

what a precious moment. i hope santa's first stop is YOUR house!

Bee said...

K - Candy exchange HERE today!

Lucy - Sadly, the nest-making was a prelude to the onslaught on some virus. She feels quite ill today.

Emily - With all of the presents under the tree you would think that Santa has already come!