Monday, 26 May 2008

On Top of the World

As requested, a "piccie!"
(But sadly, not a very impressive one.)
Here are the Walking Partner and I on top of Uffington Castle on the Ridgeway.

Am I missing something? I thought that the "castle" bit was the stone remnant that we are almost completely blocking . . . despite the fact that neither of us is taller than 5"6. Please tell me if I'm being dim-witted.

One funny thing about this picture is the difference in our walking garb.
Check out the English person with her shorts and sleeveless top.
Note how the native Texan has not yet found it necessary (despite having covered more than 12 miles at this point) to remove her red fleece!!


Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Hurray--a photo!

OK, that castle thing is funny. A boy in Roxi's class got a site similar to that for his "castle project". It was basically a big, green, flat-topped hill. VERY well executed, but definitely missing a structure.

I wore fleece and jeans today. Inside the house!

Alyson said...

Great photo! I know what you mean about looking like you're not local. When we first moved to Park City, Utah from CA, I was wearing sweatshirts on summer nights, while the locals were in tank tops. I eventually went native and wore long sleeve t-shirts, without a coat, when it was 30 degrees out.

Anne said...

That castle might be bigger than the sand castles I made on the beach when I was little... but not by much!

Love the contrast between your attire and that of your walking partner!

Bee said...


I really felt like I was missing something . . . "so this is the castle?" Thank you for sharing this info!

I was wearing a fleece and jeans yesterday, too! I haven't ventured outside yet today. I have that weird "holiday hangover" feeling you get when you've been out of your routine.

I wonder how long it takes for your blood to warm up?? Or for your perception of what's cold and what's balmy to change?

What was that thing? An old turret? I still don't get it. I think it was a castle for ants.

Brave Sir Robin said...

A picture!!!

Girl, you have Texas in your blood!! You can keep that fleece on all summer!!

The castle thing is kind of hilarious.

Bee said...

Oops! Anne, I was talking to you -- not janey! (sorry, brain freeze)

I don't think anyone in England has ever seen my bare arms. He he.

BTW, the BBQ feature from Homesick Texan made me feel SO HOMESICK. Memorial Day here was so wrong. (and so wet)

Alyson said...

I'm not sure what it is, but I did get used to it. I think it only took one, long, extreme winter for me to get used to it. It doesn't get near as cold in CT as it did in Park City, where we sent our kids to school in -18 degrees. So, winters here don't bother me at all. When I'm only wearing a long sleeve tee in the winter here, people look at me like I'm crazy.

multitude said...

The castle thing is hilarious!

I totally know what you mean about the differences in weather sensitivity. I'm alway cold in England and can never understand these girls who queue up outside a club for hours in teeny tiny outfits. Crazy. They must have rhinocerous skin.