Sunday, 6 April 2008

Perfect Day in Texas

Recipe for a Perfect Day:
four cousins, ages 10 -13
a true blue, cloudless sky
eggs, bacon and biscuits for breakfast
long walks in the sparkling fresh air
fishing down by the creek
badminton family tournament
making cookies -- sugar and snickerdoodle
lots of horsing around, tomfoolery, and juvenile jokes
a weenie roast
toasting marshmallows under the stars

I hadn't really planned on posting from Texas, but I felt moved to honor this perfectly splendid day . . . and since my family is pitiful when it comes to taking photographs, words will have to make do.

I do not worship any god, and every now and then I feel that lack -- especially when I feel overwhelmed with gratefulness and I want to give thanks.

After days of oppressive humidity, a cracking storm washed a swathe of Texas clean last night. When the day dawns so fresh and bright, a person just can't help but feel reborn.

Eating breakfast with my family -- parents, two daughters, and niece and nephew -- I had a moment of intense, palpable happiness. As I looked around the table, sunshine streaming through the windows, Nanci Griffith singing in the background, perfect tender biscuits being drizzled with honey and butter, I felt profoundly glad to be there.

Like winter moles emerging from hibernation, we've frolicked in the sun as if energy and youth were limitless.

My oldest daughter summed it up: "This has been one of my perfect days."


Lucy said...

So glad you did post, it just sounds delicious! And enough that's intriguing and mystifying: 'bluebonnets','snickerdoodle'?
Have a wonderful rest of your trip, you're missing snow this end!

Brave Sir Robin said...

Lucy - see here for bluebonnets

Bee - wasn't the weather just perfect? I'm so glad your day was so great, that's going to make a wonderful memory for all four kids.

(And I'm glad the biscuits were so awesome)

I hope today is just as wonderful!!

Bee said...


Bluebonnets are the Texas state flower . . . and legend (if not reality) says that they only grow in Texas. They are related to the lupin. On my journey to Texas I met an English couple who were making a trip around Texas -- "to see the bluebonnets and bird-watch."

Snickerdoodles are a chewy cinnamon-sugar covered butter cookie. Believe it or not, you can just google snickerdoodle and find lots of recipes for them.

BSR, the weather has truly been divine this weekend. It is the weather that I always dream about when I'm really missing Texas. The best bit is that my niece and nephew flew down from Colorado just for the weekend. Life almost never works out that way, does it?

When my kids are here, they really enjoy all of the activities of an old-fashioned childhood. They are down at the creek right now.

maurinsky said...

Snickerdoodles are awesome, and my in fact be required for a day to be perfect.

Anne said...

What a lovely day! Thank you for writing about it. I've never seen bluebonnets in large quantities, but we do have an abundance of lupine around here, and right now it's in full bloom.

I must say, one of the things I miss about Texas is the spectacular thunderstorms. I do not, however, miss the humidity. :)

I hope your travels continue to be so enjoyable!

bakerina said...

Bee, I teared up, massively, when I read this. I kept thinking I have to tell Bee how beautiful this is, but I just couldn't find the words without getting all verklempt.

I couldn't, that is, until yesterday morning, when, on a rare visit to Whole Foods to buy the King Arthur white whole wheat flour I've not been able to find in my neighborhood, I found a cookie display on one aisle. Front and center was a weird, giant, saucerlike beige cookie. SNICKERDOODLE, it said in huge letters. Now, my mom makes snickerdoodles every Christmas, and has since long before I was born, so I know from snickerdoodles. This looked nothing like a snickerdoodle. Then I saw the little breakout legend on the label: "NO wheat! NO dairy! NO eggs! NO sugar!" Huh. NO thanks, guys.

Of course my next thought was that I had to share that with you. :) I should have taken a picture of it. We could have a whole photo gallery of Revolting Baked Goods, starting with the tofu chocolate knish. ;)

Have a brilliant remainder-of-holiday.

Bee said...


I love this story. I even love that there are revolting baked goods for us to mock . . . and what do you suppose WAS in that snickerdoodle?

Guess what other lovely thing? My mom bought me the King Arthur baking book! When I get back to my dear little study and my very own computer there will be some serious cookbook/foodie posts.

k said...

damn you making me cry! so sweet!